Darker Skin Tone? Here Is How to Find the Right Nude Nail Polish

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I have stood before the nail polish aisle several times and played the guessing game. Of course, you’re aware of the one: Putting polishes close to your hand to check if they can fit you, ogling at shades, only to find yourself looking like a” baboon” when wearing it. Even the nude nail collections featuring curated colors for different skin tones can sometimes be too pale or unattractive.

Ok, maybe I’m getting overly dramatic, but what I’m trying to drive home is that finding a classic nude polish for your dark skin can be pretty hard. So, how do you go about it? Keep reading to discover the best secrets:

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First, inspect your nail beds

Examine your nail beds outdoors to determine the colors which enhance your complexion. Most nail beds are white, pink or the color of your skin. Nude polishes that match your nail bed are more likely to match your complexion. Check out the cuticles as well. Remember, if you choose the wrong lacquer, your cuticles may end up looking red or even dirty.

Get down to your undertones

What’s your skin’s undertone? Are you cool, warm or olive? Any color that contrasts your natural undertone will exaggerate your looks. For instance, violet is the opposite of yellow. So, if you opt to paint your nails violet, your yellow-hued undertone will appear even more yellow. My advice: Always use warmer shades and avoid cool grays if you want to accentuate your skin tone.

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Be keen with the finish

In choosing the finishes, you really want to ensure that the opacity is okay. Sheer polishes give a classic manicured look while opaque finishes are modern and trendy. If you want to be more daring, a matte finish will give the sexiest look, especially when the nails are long.


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Break tradition

Don’t just restrict yourself to pink and beige. Taupe, gold, deep mauve and purple are also nude hues that look extremely beautiful on darker skin tones. Are you that glam-lover who’s dying to know if gold is a nude color? If you get something like metallic copper, you’ll never go wrong with your manicure.

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