Soothe Body & Mind Easy DIY Lavender Body Butter

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It seems, for most of us, that fall is in full swing. The leaves are turning, and the air is getting cooler. Soon, we’ll say goodbye to our warm days in the sun and see the cold winter set it. And with fall upon us and winter quickly approaching, we’ll also see our skin become dry and cracked. The cooler month are always drier and come spring; our itchy, brittle bodies are aching for that perennial moisture. Moisturizing during the fall and winter months is essential for preventing damage to our skin. 


It can be hard to choose a moisturizing skin product with all the available lines. Often, unknown or chemical-based ingredients are also in our products, which is a huge turn-off for many of us. If you’re similar to me, you like to know what you’re putting on and in your body. That’s why I love keeping things as natural as possible. As I gear up for the drier months ahead, I spend a little extra time in my kitchen, making my own moisturizer. Here are the needed ingredients for making your own moisturizer.

  1. Soy butter
  2. Pure almond oil
  3. Essential oils (lavender, lemon, peppermint)

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DIY lavender body butter is a simple moisturizer that has few ingredients. I start with organic soy butter with no added fragrance. You will have to look for soy butter in the beauty and health care isles of your natural grocer as it is made from shea butter and soybean oil. Soy butter should be stored in cooler temperatures to prevent melting. When you’re ready to start, place your soy butter in a bowl over a double boiler to melt the butter.


Next, add your pure almond oil and continuously stir to prevent burning. Once the soy butter and almond oil are melted and thoroughly combined, use a hand mixer to smooth out any remaining lumps and full mix the two ingredients. 

Transfer your bowl to a cold bath and add essential oils. I prefer a lavender base for its calming and soothing properties, but I also like to add a little lemon and peppermint essential oil as well. Remember, a little bit goes a long way with essential oils and you only need a few drops. As your moisturizer cools, use your hand mixer to distribute the essential oils and give you final product its creamy, light texture. 

When thoroughly cool, spoon or pipe your moisturizer into a glass container with a lid. Wide-mouthed shallow jars are the best for this. This natural DIY moisturizer also makes for an excellent gift during the holidays. People will appreciate the handmade sentiment and benefit from the moisture and mental-soothing properties of this body butter. 


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