Workplace Makeup: The DOs and DON'Ts

Shot of a smiling young businesswoman sitting in office and apply her makeup while working,

You are smart, talented and ambitious first, sister. So never let overdone makeup looks distract your workmates and seniors from the professional awesomeness you have always wanted to portray. Twig to the following fuss-free workplace-makeup tips if you want instant office success.


DO-Just go easy on mascara

Go easy on things like mascara if you don’t want to get noticeable lashes. What this means is that you should avoid overdoing eye makeup.

Portrait of pretty businesswoman painting her eyelashes with mascara

DON'T –no fake lashes in your workplace

Don’t get me wrong—most people love all stuff lash-related—but relegate the faux lashes for the weekend nights. Imagine if some of them fall off in the middle of the meeting? Embarrassing, right? So, stay away from fake makeup at the workplace.

DON'T-No fake-baking or test-driving any complexion-changing product during the week

There’s a thin line between bronzed & burnt orange, and it is not the one I recommend crossing at your workplace unless you are promoting your workmates to refer to you as “that pumpkin girl.” Leave the beauty to nature. Stay natural with just a touch of makeup.

Close-up view of women eye with beautiful modern make-up. Multicolored somey eyes. Wet makeup.

DON'T over-rely on dark eye makeup

The eye is the last place a woman should get heavy-handed, especially during the day. It will look very smoky. Moreover, a raccoon eye look is unflattering and your boss might think it is the leftover from last night.


Beautiful female lips with a gradient coloring from gold to red

DON'T-never do the frosted / (gasp!) glittery/sparkling lip thing

There’re many nice-looking pinks plus nude lipsticks out in the market to get you frosted and chalky. This type of lip color will only wash out the face.

Fashion mockup with business lady. flat lat

DO-Ensure that you have stashed a cute, pinkish neutral lip color into your desk drawer

The nude-pink lip color can be a great option as far as office make up is concerned. It tells a lot about your class and style.


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