Why We Should Love, Not Fear, the Black Cat?

Cute muzzle of a black cat close up

For centuries, the black cat has stood out as a symbol of luck, either good or bad. While these are just superstitions, we should all be so lucky as to have a black cat in our lives. With Halloween quickly approaching, we sure to see an increase in black cat awareness, but don't be fooled by all the spooky hype; the black cat is worthy of the best love. 


Here are some of the top 7 lucky reasons to adopt a black cat:

  1. Always Regal: Black cats have shiny, sleek coats and golden eyes making them a gorgeous lot of cats
  2. Black is Slimming: These black beauties will always look great in selfies #blackcat
  3. Always in Fashion: Black never goes out of style, and their coats will never clash with your style. After all, black goes with everything. From your own fashion to home décor, your cat will look great in your life
  4. Always Clean: Black hides a lot of dirt and dust. While you should help your kitty keep her coat clean and healthy with grooming, her coat will always look clean and beautiful. She's an eye-catcher, that one.
  5. Excellent at Games: Hide and seek is a real challenge with the black cat. All she must do is close her eyes and, poof, where'd she go?
  6. Creative Names: The black cat support some pretty impressive names, like Mystic, Raven, Midnight, Ebony, Shadow, and even Magical Mister Mistoffelees. 
  7. Already Spooktacular: Owning a black cat means never having to spend money on a Halloween costume. Your black cat's reputation is spooky enough for most people.  

Photo of a black kitty on the street. On the background, there are grass and plants, which are out of focus.

Unfortunately, the black cat often has a difficult time getting adopted at shelters and rescues due to the stigma associated with her coat. One need only consult the black cat's ever-telling crystal ball, a.k.a. the Internet, for proof of the beauty and love expressed by and toward black cats. This regal lots, with their silky black coats and large amber to green-colored eyes, deserve just as much love as all other cats.    


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