Dog's Obsession With a Specific Toy - Why?

Why Are Dogs Possessed With That Particular Toy?

There’s actually a good reason why dogs are obsessed with those toys and treats. Your pet’s life is centered on simple pleasures. But in most cases, a dog's obsession with a specific toy doubles as its own sweet mystery. So why is it so infatuated with that one playing toy? Could it be the smell, shape, color, texture or size?


Dogs are like kids

We understand that dogs can really get attached to toys that remind them of a puppy. Just like a child would love to take care of a baby doll. They’ll mother it, carry it around, and get emotionally involved with it that way.

Mothering a teddy bear is one thing. But shredding it to pieces is another thing? Well, certain dogs with lofty predatory drives- hounds, terriers, and cattle dogs- will get particularly attached to toys they can ultimately tear into shreds. Other breeds such as golden retrievers and Labradors are notoriously ball-obsessed.

Get him a “MOUTH” thing

Whether your dog is nervous or excited, he’ll always love to hold something in his mouth. This makes him feel happy and comfortable. A special toy may also symbolize an extraordinary moment, usually involving a human being. It’s like when their uncle gives a child a toy as a Christmas present, and they hadn’t met for several years. Those moments have strong impacts on your dog’s life, and your friendship will last forever.

Dogs never grow out of toys

Dogs are perpetual toddlers. A human child who owns a toy will reach a developmental stage, at some point, where it isn’t appropriate for him/her to carry around a doll anymore. But with dogs, there is no developmental growth beyond that stage. You don’t have to replace something they are really fond of with something new. That one toy they’ve been friends with is part of the repertoire of things they find comfort and happiness in.

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