Keeping your dog healthy: Emotionally, Body-wise, and Spiritually

When you think of your dog’s health, what aspects come to your mind? Is it the shiny coat? Or maybe, the speed at which he runs through the park? Both these instances depict a healthy dog, but truly speaking, a well-rounded dog needs a lot more than basic exercise and food.



Creating ‘A Whole Dog” environment is key


It’s essential that you create an environment which enriches the “Whole Dog”. This incorporates the physical, emotional, and mental health. Remember, good health is about comprehensively connecting the dog’s body, spirit, and mind. When these three factors are in the balance, we’ve HEALTH. And when one or two elements are missing, we can’t find balance. Ensuring that you keep your dog or puppy healthy is extremely significant. So, how do you tell if he is healthy? Whilst dogs can’t speak verbally; they can relay information through their body language as well as behavior.


 Portrait of happy and cute American Staffordshire Terrier

Whole Dog environment dynamics 

Along these lines, let us deep dive into the Whole Dog environment dynamics


  • Veterinary care: It’s crucial for dogs to receive yearly veterinary care when they’re puppies. When they transition into their senior age, it is best to take them to a professional vet twice annually. They should receive a basic blood work run or check-up to ensure that they’re healthy and free of medical issues.

  • Nutrition: Your dog should eat healthy just like any other member of the family. His longevity and well-being are highly dependent on the food he ingests. Remember, your dog shares a lot of resemblance to humans and should enjoy the good foods you eat. Don’t give him old food as you’ll be endangering his life and pushing him away.

  • Physical exercise: Exercise for your pet should entail running and panting! It’s best to exercise your dogs in the morning or evening, as these are their peak hours of energy.

  •  Spiritual health: Playing with your pet is emotionally and spiritually beneficial for the two of you. In the dogs’ world “play” involves fetching, chasing, tugging, chasing, and even wrestling. Be your pet’s closest friend. Always get him to smile and smirk at you.

 Combining it all

 When you start considering your dog’s physical, spiritual, and mental health, you’ll find that you won’t just have a peaceful pet, but also a much stronger companionship with him.


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