Do You Know Dog First Aid?

What would you do if your dog suddenly started choking on a toy or a piece of food? What if your pet stepped on glass or some other sharp object? Do you know what to do with these types of injuries?

Canine First Aid Quiz

  1. Do you have a dog first aid kit assembled and ready to go?
  2. Do you have your veterinary clinic’s phone number programmed into your home and cell phones?
  3. Do you have the phone number and directions to your nearest emergency clinic?
  4. Do you have the phone number for the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center or the Pet Poison Helpline?
  5. Would you know what to do for a choking dog?
  6. Do you know how to administer dog CPR?
  7. Do you know the signs of canine bloat and what to do?
  8. Do you have a disaster kit prepared for your dog?
  9. Do you know the signs of frostbite in dogs and what to do?

How many times did you answer yes? If you’re like me, you have some homework to do.

Sometimes we think our dog is talking to us, but in reality they can’t tell us what is wrong or where they are injured. Do you know what symptoms require immediate attention?

In any emergency the worst thing you can do is panic. You can’t do your dog any good if your hysterical or panic because you don’t know what to do. Or, worse yet, if you are unaware there is an emergency taking place. Unfortunately, such situations could cost your dog his/her life.

Check out the “Quick Links” below and brush up on some dog first aid basics. You don’t want to find out what you could of done when it’s too late to matter.



Choking Dog

Frostbite in Dogs

Heat Stroke in Dogs

Dog Paw Injuries

Dog Paw Care

First Aid Kit


Legal Disclaimer

If your pet is showing any signs of distress or you suspect your pet is seriously ill, contact your veterinarian immediately. This information is not meant to be a substitute for veterinary care.


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