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Common Cat Feeding Mistakes

Hungry calico tortoiseshell tabby cat with scarred nose looking up and licking her lips with tongue while eating dry food kibbles from a yellow bowl on the floor

Surprisingly, the way you feed your furry feline might be just as vital as what you feed her with as far as her overall health plus behaviors are concerned. And, a revolution which has been fronted by leading vets is underway. According to the vets, you should start thinking about ditching the cat bowls and the twice-a-day meal schedule. Below, we’ll review the mistakes cat owners make regarding feeding them — and how to fix them! 


Never Feed Your Feline alongside Other Felines and Dogs

Feeding your cat alongside pets like dogs will prevent the feline of being her true self. Although your cat might be coexisting beautifully with other cats and dogs, the eating process is a vulnerable time. Remember: Cats are solitary hunters & predators. In most cases, they love hunting and eating alone. Moreover, they also will do everything to conceal any signs of stress and weakness.


A stressed cat might be a candidate of obesity, “scarf & barf” episodes, urinary tract infections, as well as skin diseases.

How much you feed her — and when

According to vets, cats require small, but regular portion-controlled meals on a daily basis and they love interacting with their ‘prey.’ So, don’t fill her bowl with highly palatable foods since they can end up overindulging--which can lead to ‘scarf and barf.’

 Say no to cat food bowls: It can cause behavioral issues 

The No. 1 cause of deaths in felines is euthanasia. And shockingly, being surrendered (due to behavioral problems) to their shelters is the No. 1 cause of euthanasia. So, don’t underestimate the power of enriching your cat’s environment and giving back her natural feeding behaviors.


Help them develop their circuit-seeking mentality, play with their foods, kill, and hunt. The circuit helps their brain to release dopamine, which is responsible for heightening her arousal and triggering a feeling of happy anticipation.

Feeding her without a food bowl is likely to tap into her instincts

True! That is why vets are advising cat owners to design a feeding system that mimics the body of prey. Doing so will stimulate the cat’s tactile feel of typical prey for her to grab, claw as well hunt.


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