How to Create Artistic Nail Polish Designs

Awesome nails and beautiful clean manicure. Nails are natural. Manicure is made using nails drill machine.

The first step to crafting inspiring and artistic nail designs is to understand how to perfectly mix and match different colors. Even the simplest manicure styles can look stunning, if you combine the right hues, while not correctly color- coordinated nail arts can result in disastrous looks, even if you’ve spent several hours on creating intricate patterns.


Today, wearing one color on your nails looks boring; therefore knowing the basic values of creating modish nail art designs is a good idea.

Pastel manicures with different bright colors on your nails with a rose on a white background.

Two-tone manicure techniques

Though wearing a solitary color on your nails is an unchanging trend, a fashionable look that’s both minimalist and graceful, adding the second polish color will double up the drama and interest in your beauty. One of the most efficient ways of integrating two nail polish tones is the ombre style, which entails creating a gorgeous and smooth transition of different hues on the nails so as to generate a nice gradient effect.

Burgundy manicure with design on the nails and feathers.

Monochromatic technique

This is where you combine different manicure tones and you’re free to play around with the huge diversity of a single color; right from those light shades to the darkest ones. You can’t just pick distinct hues of one color, but also coordinating tones from a single color range. If blue is your preferred choice, for instance, you need to understand that it is correlated with green, pastel blue, and purple.


You have to create a balanced harmony between the brilliant and saturated using light as well as dark shades of particular tones. Think lavender with lilac, green with turquoise, sky blue with ocean blue, purple with violet, or Emerald with aquamarine.

Besides utilizing the same color tones, requires that you pay close attention to specific textures of the products you combine. You will want to mix and match those nail polishes with common finishes, like matte lacquers with matter effect ones.

Beauty treatment photo of nice manicured woman fingernails. Very nice feminine nail art with nice pink, gold and black nail polish.

Think of all the hot combinations, including yellow with purple, orange with navy blue, classic red with green, purple with aquamarine as well as the diverse coordination of jewel tones.


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