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In 2016, chrome finished nails were a hot trend, and many salons started offering the nail art at steep prices. But as amazing as these mirror and reflective looks are, they are also prone to chipping. With too many clients returning to complain, many salons stopped offering the increasing trend. By 2017, we still love this look but finding a nail tech willing to give it to us is our challenge. Not anymore.

I caught word that Sally Hansen released four chrome powder DIY kits sometime this August and I'm super excited to check them out. The kits are limited editions, and four colors will be released this August including Rose Gold, Peacock, Mermaid, and Gunmetal. A fifth color, Holographic, is set to be an exclusive release in October and right now, only Ulta will carry it.  

The Sally Hansen kits will include a chrome powder, an applicator, and a special effect top coat. The kits are no UV and feature a gel-like finish. You will have to supply the dark top coat, but the $20 system is really easy to use.  


Step 1: Paint on two coats of an opaque or dark nail polish. Most people use black for the Chrome finished look.

Step 2: After allowing your polish to dry for about five minutes apply and lightly buff on the Sally Hansen Chrome powder.

Step 3: Swipe on the Sally Hansen Special Effects formula and let your nails dry for five minutes.

Step 4: Seal in the look with a gel-like top coat, and you're done

The Sally Hansen kit will be available at Target and some time in mid-August and will sell for $20. Ulta and have the exclusive Holographic kit that also includes a Sally Hansen opaque black Miracle Gel Polish and will sell for $30.    

Just in time for back to school and the fall look, we can rock an at home chrome look thanks to Sally Hansen's DIY Salon Chrome kits. Keep your eyes open and be one of the first to have the look; it is for a limited time only.   


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