Pretty Polishes You Can Pair With Each Dress in Your Closet

Awesome nails and beautiful clean manicure. Nails are natural. Manicure is made using nails drill machine.

You know when you come across an impeccably dressed lady and her manicure is just perfect and goes with her amazingly chic ensemble as if no any other nail color choice would fit her? Okay, perhaps you do not notice these kinds of stuff as readily as experts do—but trust me when I say a nicely chosen manicure can make or break your outfit. I mean it. And to prove my assertion, I piece together eight dress-and-polish up pairs.




Keep reading to discover the manicure magic I am referring to!


Nails with manicure covered with pink nail polish

Metallic dress plus pale pink nails

What a combination! However, if you want to wear metal shoes, ensure to keep things simple as well as understated. The best route to take is to pair the metallic frock with a nicely chosen high shine shade featuring pale pink polish.

studio portrait of beautiful smiling woman with bright make-up

Black & white dress plus red nails

Nothing beats black, white, as well as a red classic combo. Red is a perfect hue you can wear with a black and white ensemble.

beautiful model with natural make-up on black backround

Fuchsia dress plus nude nails

Advice: If you decide to go for bright pink color, ensure that your nails are kept clean and simple. Go for a nude polish and let your dress do the talking.

Sunny orange manicure with dots on the women's nails closeup.


Mustard yellow dress pus orange nails

Mustard yellow, without any doubt, is not only a tough color you can wear but also very challenging to accessorize. To make things work out perfectly, stick only with warm nail-like color, but contract it a little bit by making it bright. You can also try an orange polish if you want to be more visible.

A female hand with spring green (mint coloured) nail polish on holding a twig against a green background

Pale pink-like striped dress plus mint nails

If you want to go classic, consider going for a minty treat like pairing a pale pink frock with a muted hue on the nails. Caution: Keep the pastel playful.

Fashion Blond Girl. Beauty Portrait Woman. White Short Hair. Isolated on blinking Christmas Background. Face Close-up. Manicured nails. Vogue Style.

Red Dress plus Dove Gray Nails

Go the unexpected way when wearing red. Dove gray plus red can make a killer combo, and perfect to do the real job.

Closeup of sexy beautiful model with black lipstick and silver glitter sparkles, with matching manicure, hands on face, very fashion, high end, trendy makeup and pose.

Chartreuse Dress plus Silver Nails

What can you wear with chartreuse? Simple, Silver. The main reason silver is perfect for chartreuse is that it looks chic, and won’t compete with your vivid color.


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