How to Know You’re Your Cat’s Human

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Most cat parents know their cats love them but here’s how you understand your cat completes you - cat behaviour signs.


Your cat will not allow you to oversleep in the morning and miss work.  Forgetting to set your alarm on Sunday night happens to the best of us, but our feline friends have our backs. Just like clockwork, your cat is pawing at your bedroom door or pouncing on your recumbent form to wake you up. She doesn’t want you to miss work the opportunity to feed her. OK, so her agenda may be different, but it surely aligns with yours. Enjoy those morning nibbles on your arm to wake you up and the chatty meows at the door.

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They are the best bug protectors ever.  I hate seeing bugs in the house. They freak me out and how funny it must look when a human, thousands the size bigger, jumps at the sight of a creepy crawler or a little flier. Luckily, my fearless cats are there to protect me as they stalk and gobble up the unsuspecting bug. Should have stayed outside little bug.


Your cat grooms you.  You pet your cat, brush her coat, keep her ears clean, and nails trimmed, but she doesn’t have opposable thumbs to return the favor. Instead, she keeps you clean with her sandpaper tongue, which she liberally uses on your head, face, arm, or wherever she pleases. It might not feel too great, but it’s a super compliment she’s paying you. 

Chores are infinitely more fun with your cat. I can’t help but smile and laugh when I make my bed. My cats love to help me the chores around the house. It’s an excellent opportunity to play hide-n-seek under the covers or chase the broom as I sweep up all their cat hair. The vacuum, not so much.

They mark you as their territory. Speaking of hair left behind, your cat will bestow half her coat on you as both of you snuggle up on the couch watching your favorite television show or reading a good book. 

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How do I know my cat loves me? There are hundreds of ways your cat displays her affection and love for you, her human. And while people may just say that’s a cat being a cat, remember she's being a cat with you.


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