French-Inspired Wardrobe: Get These Essentials

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The Simple Sophisticated Spring time is starting burst, and you should go to Paris to see it for yourself. Ah, being anywhere in France this spring would be very sweet. Why? Well, the styles have just been freed from the winter bulk.

I’ve cultivated some tips in terms of French-inspired essentials for those who would want to curate Paris-inspired capsule wardrobes. So, get up. Make French style your muse. Pull off your own closet and effortlessly hone your inner French girl.

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A classy and quality day handbag

As a Parisian girl, invest in a classy, versatile, quality handbag. Now you do not need to spree exorbitantly on a Jane Birkin that was initially inspired by Birkin’s frustration when she realized that finding an ideal weekend handbag was out of her reach (in fact, according to critics, she chose something that is no longer the “it” handbag). So proceed like this: Invest in something that is within your budget, works well with your lifestyle, and will definitely last. Simple!

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Ankle skimming jeans and pants (but ensure they are cigarette-like, skinny or even straight-leg)

Why go the ankle skimming way? Why refuge in taped or straight territory? It is simple: Lady’s figure is something that must be reveled and owned. So don’t be shy from pimping it up. Also, since women want to invest BIG, you’d want to purchase pieces of stuff (pants and jeans) that won’t go out of style. Therefore, there is a big reason to refuse purchasing trends.

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Well, high heels look marvelous, but you won’t wear them all the time-especially when it comes to long distance walking. If you wear heels, it must be to specific occasions. After all, we are talking things French women; where the chic flat shoe is the name of the game. Whether you are a fan of the ballet flat, loafers, or the smoking slipper, invest in them and try working with your existing outfits.


Other golden French-inspired wardrobe tips

Investing in a versatile black dress, tailored black blazers, nice scarves (for instance, one should be lightweight and one heavy & warm), oversized sunglasses, simple, but expensive T-shirt, an oversized sweater, a mid-length trench coat, a white button-up shirt, and a signature day dress and not forgetting a nautical stripes can work like magic for your French-inspired wardrobe.

Have fun shopping!


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