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Bringing a New Feline Home

Close up of pure breed cat at pet show

Congratulations! You’re now a cat owner. No doubt you are anticipating years of cheerful companionship. But how do you go about bringing him home?


Be prepared

Before bringing him home, equip your home with everything he could possibly need. Moreover, equip yourself with tips on how to keep your pet stress-free as well as happy.


Most cats hate traveling. So, ensure you confine your cat in a sturdy mover for the trip home. Don't leave him loose in the car, where he might panic and get out (which can cause an accident). He might yowl & cry just to get out of the mover, but do not give in.

Ginger cat lies on bed with grooming comb. The fluffy pet comfortably settled on white sheet. Cute cozy background, morning bedtime at home.

And upon arrival

Your cat is unlikely to be in the mood for fun. So, create a quiet and closet area-like in a small room away to make him comfortable. Provide a litter box, some food, water, lively toys, as well as a scratching post.



Ensure he is acquainted with that space, at least for some few days. Spend some quality time with him in his room. However, if he is hiding under the bed, never force him to come out. And if necessary, you can sit on the floor for a talk with him.

golden retriever dog and cat. looking away. isolated on white background

Avoid conflict

Introducing your cat carefully to other pets is an effective way to avoid conflict with other pets. So, find a proper way of doing that.

 The first week

 Slowly help your feline become acquainted with your family, such as other pets as well as household members.


Young white and red cat on a white background

His demands

Pets, especially cats are different in terms of their demands. So, try to learn how to handle him without causing him discomfort. Don’t force him to sit on your lap. Provide him with the necessary toys and other comforts. Give him the companionship he needs.


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