Dogs for Small Space Living

Do you live in an apartment or small space and think you can’t adopt a dog because of your limited room? Sure, there are dog breeds, mutts, and pedigrees alike, that are not well suited to apartment living but there are also some great choices that are. 

First things first, not all small dogs are ideal for apartments. Yes, they are small, but some are mighty when it comes to their exercise needs. Some smaller dogs have high intensity, high energy needs and might not be the best choice. But there are some great small choices.

The Toy Poodle

The Toy Poodle is a small dog at 10 inches of less and can get enough exercise running around your small space. The Toy Poodle doesn’t shed either so she’ll keep you home dog hair free and can be taught to use a potty pad. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is another excellent choice for apartment, and urban living as this pooch is not very vocal. Requiring just one quick walk a day, this breed is ideal for living in small spaces.


Shih Tzu

Another compact-sized companion well suited for small space living is the ever-loved Shih Tzu. The Shih Tzu is very content to spend her time inside and requires little exercise. Twenty minutes running around will suffice for her, but she does need frequent grooming to prevent knots in that mop top long coat.

English Bulldog

Looking for a bigger dog? The English Bulldog is a stocky, medium sized and wrinkled pooch with low energy levels. The French Bulldog is equally as suited to apartment living, but the English Bulldog takes the crown for easy going, laid back, and low energy. He may even sleep more than the cats and needs far less exercise and intensity.

Mutts are a little harder to gauge, and it depends on what parentage your adoptive dog has. You should look for a dog that has low-intensity exercise needs and stay away from big dogs. Ultimately, large dogs who need more exercise can adapt well to apartment living if they get enough exercise so make sure you get out there. 


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