Are You An Introvert? Well, We Have The Top Companion Dogs

best indoor dogs

These breeds are loyal friends to all human beings, including the introvert ones. Keep reading to get inspired.


basenji temperament

Basenji dogs one of the most independent breeds you can ever find. They don’t demand a lot of affection from people, which makes them the perfect fit for somebody who’s after a pooch friend but values his/her personal space. Also referred to as a “barkless dogs,” these are handsome best furry friends which are quiet and clean, making them a perfect fit for introverts.



greyhound dog puppy

Famous for their elegant, but powerful build, greyhound dog puppy, are sweet and have sensitive souls. Moreover, they love hanging out with an introvert at home.

Shiba Inu

inu dog

The Inu dog breeds are cat-like and are known to be very loyal to their masters but aloof to those perceived to be strangers. They are also perfect for those who love themselves since they are incredibly smart and obedient.


Basset Hound

the bassets

Are you a homebody? Well, make your dog the bassets. These affectionate goofballs are best known for being low-key as well as lazy. Although they demand a little bit of attention from strangers, they still make a good fit for introverts.

Irish Wolfhoundwolfhound temperament

Irish Wolfhound (alaskan wolf hound) breed dogs are calm, dignified, and gentle. They are also reserved and prefer lying at the master’s feet rather than cuddling up-things which introverts look for in a dog!


full breed pug

Well, this is for an introvert who tends to lean towards ambivert (i.e., those who’ve got a social side). These hilarious charmers are perfect for introverts since they are evenly-tempered and loving (dogs that look like pugs).


lap animal

Get ready to snuggle with Maltese, classic lap dogs. They (maltese lap dog) are clever and playful. They are notoriously challenging to train in-house. However, they are easily taken to doggy litter boxes and potty pads, which makes them the best fit for extreme introverts.


  • Norwegian Lundehund
  • Cairn Terrier
  • Chihuahua
  • Newfoundland

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